Fine-Shops is a platform that unites several independent and individually designed shops under one roof. Each of the unique shops is dedicated to a specific topic and usually offers a selection of exclusive niche products.

The motivation for setting up the platform resulted from the annoyance that when shopping in various other online platforms, you usually get several packages from different retailers and there are extra shipping costs for each package.

We want to offer our customers a very special shopping experience in which they can choose from many different shops. Wander from one shop to the next with your shopping cart and at the end of your shopping tour you can complete all products with a simple checkout process. Ideally, you will receive all products in a single package or at least in a single shipment – for the sake of the environment.

On the platform you will find information about the individual shops and the best offers from all areas.

A central search function also allows you to search for products across all shops and the different providers.

Have fun on the new shopping platform.
Your Fine Shops team